We are a data consulting and engineering services organization focused on supporting enterprise clients in their data driven solutions. We partner with IT, operations, and business teams in enterprises and accelerate their digital transformation journey by supporting them with professional services on data engineering, data analytics, and data science.

Data Engineering

We provide data engineering services to create self-service data platforms for real time data access and insights for the business users across the organization.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics team works closely with clients to learn about KPIs and supports with dashboards and reporting as per organization needs

Data Science

We support AI/ ML initiatives in enterprises and create data models for predictive analytics leveraging latest technology in the industry

Cloud Data Platform

We support enterprises and businesses in their data cloud journey by migration and integration of data across various cloud platforms as well as on-premise to cloud adoption

Data Lake Solutions and Integration Services

We provide consulting and integration services for creating data lake solutions, and integrate the data across various applications to provide an integrated view for the organization.

We are a Snowflake Partner. We support customers with Snowflake implementation and integration of Snowflake with Salesforce and Tableau. We also help integrate data across various cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud to Snowflake





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